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Ross Mathews has been a television staple since he began his career on The Tonight Show in 2001.  Since, he's gone on to host and guest star on countless shows, including Chelsea Lately, E! Red Carpets, Hello Ross and the Emmy-winning phenomenon RuPaul's Drag Race, where he serves as a main judge and producer.

Ross is also the best-selling author of the books Man Up! and Name Drop and the host of the podcast Straight Talk.



Nikki Boyer created, hosted, and Executive Produced the successful Wondery Podcast, Dying for Sex. Nikki’s also hosting The Daily Smile, a daily podcast about good news and positivity. Nikki is a 3-time Emmy award-winning TV host and is a frequent guest on The Wendy Williams Show, Access Hollywood Live, and countless other shows! Nikki recently guest-starred on the Netflix revival of The Gilmore Girls and starred in the romantic comedy film, Fame-ish.



Mr. Malone was born in Madagascar and reared in Rangoon. Raised in Los Angeles, California for most of his life he spent his early career as a Kid of the Kingdom singer/dancer at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. He has appeared in numerous movies, TV shows and odd theatrical jobs throughout his illustrious career as a performer. From a Hollywood tour guide atop a double decker bus in the late 80's to saying one word in the movie The Proposal and playing a dancing addict on the TV show Arrested Development, Mr. Malone has done it all! He's also an acclaimed artist that has no interest in art and currently works as Intuitive Reader from his home and Crystals and Bullshit (The Crystal Shrine). Straight Talk with Ross is now home for Mr. Malone and he enjoys it very much. Oh, he also has a podcast called It's A Gay, Gay, Gay, Gay Podcast but no one can ever find it because it's only available on Patreon. 

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